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Arn - assistant assistant assistant of Samon, First Mayor of Famas (1923 -...).


Arn was born in Famas 12 December to a broken family in the poorest part of the district near the Main Station. Arn's mother, an elf named Ela, was only sixteen years old when she discovered she was pregnant. Arn's father left him before he was born, so he knew little about him, his name - Arn and that he worked in the ethereum mines. When the half-elf was four, his mother married the neighbour, a drunkard, who worked as a shoemaker. The shoemaker and Ela had four daughters who were often ill. So instead of working, Arn's mother spent all of her time tending to his half-sisters. Arn's stepfather did not earn enough money to provide for his family and pay for his drinking habits, so they lived in poverty and constant quarrels. Arn's stepfather wasn't the only person who offended him; the guys in the yard constantly insulted him because of his clumsy nature and small stature. School never came easy to the half-elf either; he was a mediocre student with a big dream - to live on the hill. Nevertheless, the clumsy half-elf landed a job in Samon's kitchen at the age of seventeen. Three years later, he became an assistant of the assistant of the assistant of Samon's assistant. Since then, he has gained thirty kilograms and has lived at Samon's estate, in the wing for servants.


Episode 1. He meets Flavian, Veya and Nika at the train station, takes him to the Celestial Hotel. There he vomits when the sniffles of waiter Meran hit him. He takes Veya and Flavian to Samon's estate, where he attends their meeting.