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Emor - chief Prosecutor of Famas (1907 -...). One of the most influential and wealthy residents of the city, a businessman.


Emor was a late child born in Famas to mature parents on February 9th, 1877 (48 y.o). His parents settled in Famas after his father, a well-known architect, was hired by Samon for the city construction plan. At the time, his mother stayed home to take care of the family affairs. Emor was unlike other children his age; he preferred to read books alone with a glass of milk and cookies rather than play games or go on the many vacations his mother had always tried to arrange for him. He was a brilliant child who studied well and dreamt of working in the justice system. His parents supported him in his studies and provided him with the best education. Emor graduated from two Universities - firstly in Famas, then – in Saniego, and eventually landed a job in his hometown. Emor drew Samon's attention when he passed an internship at the local court, brilliantly destroying the defense during his first trial. The major followed his career for the next few years and eventually helped him get a prestigious job at the Prosecutor General's Office in exchange for his cooperation. Emor was promoted to Chief Prosecutor in 1907 when the civil war in Famas started. During this challenging time in Famas, the meticulous and cold-blooded prosecutor was forced to work closely with the Chief of Police. At first, cooperation between the two seemed impossible to them, but over time, a partnership developed, and the two entered business together. In 1915 they opened several clubs in Low Famas. At 35, Emor married his former assistant; they have two children and live lavishly in the golden hills of Famas.


Episode 1. Together with Lenar, he is present in Samon's office when Arn, Veya and Flavian come there. Participates in the discussion of the case.