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Flavian Returns - episode 1 of a comic book series released by The Crypto Hodlers. At the heart of history is the city of Famas, built near the mines, where the magical mineral etherium is mined, which gives extraordinary abilities to both living beings and inanimate objects. Due to this, the city is a major industrial and scientific center and is constantly growing. Famas is home to several million creatures of different races: different species of trolls, robots, elves, goblins, pixies, waterfowl, and others.


The story begins one rainy night in the city of Famas. The one-eyed elf Arn wakes up in a hotel near Central Station and goes there to meet a couple of detectives and their daughter, who arrived at the invitation of the Former Mayor. On his way, the elf is almost hit by a car passing by a homeless man sleeping on the ground. The car concurrently beeps loudly. Arn wakes up and goes to the station. The couples of detectives – trolls Flavian and Veya, their daughter's name is Nika, she's fifteen. Arn takes them to the Celestial Hotel. It's dawning. During breakfast, one of the waiters gets sick and his snot gets on Arn. He vomits. Nika stays in the room, Arn, Flavian and Veya go to the Sky Hill, which rises nearby. This is a grand building in the shape of a skyscraper, with many tiers of houses inside. One of them is the house of the former mayor Samon, the founder of Famas.

A family of robots lives on the street of the hotel where Arn was waiting for the train to arrive. Parents and two sons. When Arn was nearly hit by car, the sound of a horn woke up the youngest robot, Robbie. Looking out the window, he saw a homeless man sleeping on a mattress get up but cannot walk and keeps falling. Robbie woke his parents. The stranger (it turned out to be a robot covered with strange rust) was picked up and an ambulance was called. There was an explosion in their area within hours. It was seen from a window in the estate of Samon, where he, Police Chief Lenar and Chief Prosecutor Emor were telling Flavian and Veya that creatures were dying in the city from incomprehensible lesions. It's as if their skin and internal organs are covered with mold. The trolls have to say whether they will take the case in the evening, on Samon's grandson's birthday. Meanwhile, Flavian goes to see what exploded. It turns out that it was a station hospital. The destruction is huge, many injured. Flavian, with the help of his senses (a light comes from his hands that detects what he is looking for) finds a torn robot’s arm and a few screws. He says to take everything to the lab, where he and Veya will be able to study it. Afterwards, the troll walks through the area and listens to what the creatures are saying. He finds the ruined house in which he once lived. He notices that a small robot is following him. This is Robbie. Flavian turns to him and wants to talk, but the little one runs away. In the evening, Flavian and Veya sit in a cafe and discuss the case for which Samon wants to hire them. The fee for it is high, but what kills creatures is obviously dangerous. They decide to do it anyway, but discuss additional conditions with Samon, because he has what interests them. Nika arrives, choosing a toy for Samon's grandson. The family goes to the party.


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