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Samon's Manor - episode 2 of a comic book series released by The Crypto Hodlers. At the heart of history is the city of Famas, built near the mines, where the magical mineral etherium is mined, which gives extraordinary abilities to both living beings and inanimate objects. Due to this, the city is a major industrial and scientific center and is constantly growing. Famas is home to several million creatures of different races: different species of trolls, robots, elves, goblins, pixies, waterfowl, and others.


Flavian, Veya and Nika come to Samon's estate to celebrate the birthday of his grandson, five-year-old Samon Jr. The party is full of guests, adults dance and drink, children watch the show. Trolls with both Samons also sit down to watch her. They are joined by another grandson of the former mayor, Alvin. He is a student at the University of Famas. After the show, Alvin takes Nika for a walk around the estate, and Veya and Flavian go to the master's office to discuss the case. The trolls say they are ready to take it, but provided that in addition to money Samon gives them access to his secret library. They want to know their origins, and the ancient books on the first Hill can help. Samon agrees. He says he feels threatened by himself, his position and power by those strange deaths. The trolls get down to business. Meanwhile, Alvin and Nika walk around the estate and go up to the greenhouse, where Alvin's sister and friends are drinking. The company meets Nika, drink, some smoke, then go down to have fun on the dance floor. The troll family later returns to their hotel and sees the crowd. Something has happened. Flavian approaches and meets Lenar. It turns out that the waiter, who snorted Arn in the morning, was covered with the same incomprehensible spots as the creatures that had already died. Flavian and Lenar follow the victim to the hospital.


Samon Flavian Veva Lenar Nika Ayan Mina Alexander Daphne Meran Alvin TheBird Brown Samon Jr