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The Beginning Of The Case - episode 3 of a comic book series released by The Crypto Hodlers. At the heart of history is the city of Famas, built near the mines, where the magical mineral etherium is mined, which gives extraordinary abilities to both living beings and inanimate objects. Due to this, the city is a major industrial and scientific center and is constantly growing. Famas is home to several million creatures of different races: different species of trolls, robots, elves, goblins, pixies, waterfowl, and others.


At hospital, Flavian and Lenar talk to the injured waiter named Meran. He has a very high temperature, constant fever and nausea. They find out if he has seen anything or someone suspicious or if he has taken drugs. He denies it. The troll uses his skills to determine that the lesions on Meran's skin are the same as on the robot's arm and the screws he found at the scene of the fire. When they leave, Flavian is sure that the waiter did see something suspicious, he just couldn’t remember it. The troll returns to the hotel. Nika is asleep, Veya is not. She says that she was in Meran's room, she found nothing interesting, except for snoring and vomiting, which she asked to send to the lab. She asks Flavian to check her for an unknown disease. She's fine. Flavian checks himself – he's fine too. At noon, Flavian and Nika are still asleep, and Veya wakes up and goes to the University, where she gets the keys to the lab, which was especially allocated for her and her husband. She makes sure that everything they need is brought there; she settles down. Then she begins to study the available samples.


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