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Famas - a comic book series released by The Crypto Hodlers.

The story focuses on the city of Famas built near the mines, where the magical mineral ethereum is extracted, which gives extraordinary powers to both living beings and inanimate objects. Due to this, the city is a major industrial and scientific center and is constantly growing. Several million creatures of different races live in Famas: different species of trolls, robots, elves, goblins, pixies, water spirits, etc.


Arch One “The Return of Flavian”

The story begins when detective trolls Flavian and Veya and their daughter Nika arriving in Famas. They were invited by Samon, former mayor and founder of the city. Many years ago, Flavian worked for him and was one of the best local spies. But later he left and, after marrying Veya, engaged in private detective work. They have to return to the city to help with a difficult case. For six months now, bizarre things have been happening in Famas – corpses of various creatures with incomprehensible skin lesions resembling mold were found. And on the day the detectives arrive in Famas, the city hospital explodes. At the site of the explosion, Flavian uses his extraordinary powers to find the robot's arm and screws covered with a strange plaque. When the troll decides to walk around the area, he is followed by a small robot Robbie. It was he who saw through his window a sick robot at night, who was taken to the hospital which exploded. In the evening, the trolls discuss the case and, coming to Samon's grandson's birthday, agree to take it, but on condition that in addition to the financial reward, they will have access to the private library of the former mayor. In the Episode 2: Samon's Manor, Flavian and Police Chief Lenar arrive at the hospital, where the creatures affected by the mysterious disease are placed. Meran, a waiter from the hotel, where the troll family stayed, was brought there at night. He fell ill. Flavian and Lenar ask Meran a few questions, then the detective returns to the hotel. The next day, Veya goes to the lab at the University, which she and her husband was provided for research, and arranges the lab.

The events of the Arch One take place in the atmosphere of North America in the 1920s. Here crimes are committed in the light of parties and incredible wealth that creatures have gained by taking the ethereum.

Episodes (see all)[]

Cover Comic2 Comic3

Characters (see all)[]

Samon Flavian Veva Arn Emor

Lenar Nika Volta Alvin Robbie


Famas Wild Swamp


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