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Flavian - private detective, working with his wife Veya (since 1910-...), one of the most famous spies in the history of Famas. Best known for helping to expose and suppress the uprising against Mayor Samon in 1905-1908. Powerful empath. Indigenous inhabitant of the lands where Famas appeared.


Flavian the troll was born in Famas on the 15th of March 1878 (47 y.o.) He is the descendant of many generations of trolls who had lived in the local villages. The troll showed powerful intuition and empathy from a young age; he often tried to draw attention to dangerous people by writing reports to the police. Being young, at first, his efforts went unnoticed by the police, but those same actions put him in the spotlight of the major who later offered him a job. As a result, Flavian dropped out of the Military Faculty of Famas University and became Samon's professional bloodhound. At 27, the Major gifted Flavian with ethereum, which he had embedded behind his neck to hide his implant from public eyes. The stone significantly heightened Flavian's mental abilities. Still, his most extraordinary gift was his ability to discover hidden things in the dark that react with the radiance emitted by his palms. These abilities helped Flavian crush a three-year conspiracy against the Major (1905-1908). In 1908 Flavian met Veya the troll, a third-year student at the Faculty of History and that same year, they were engaged and married. On the day of their marriage in a small mountain village, they received a gift from Samon - ethereum to be implanted in Veya's neck. In 1910 Veya and Flavian had a daughter - Nika. Three months later, the couple started private detective work. Their clients consist of many politicians, business people, archaeological teams, and police departments unable to manage particularly complex cases.


Episode 1. At the invitation of the former mayor of Famas Samon, he arrives in the city with his wife Veya and daughter Nika. Accompanied by Arn, they stay at the Celestial Hotel. Then he and his wife take part in a meeting at the Samon’s estate, where they discuss the case. He goes to the hospital, which exploded, finds evidence. In the evening in a cafe with Veya they decide to take the case.

Episode 2. Together with Veya and Nika he goes to the Samon Jr’s birthday party. He watches a show in the estate, then discusses the orc's case with Samon and Veya in his study. After the party he goes to the hotel with his family. He finds out that waiter Meran fell ill with a mysterious disease there and with Lenar follows him to the hospital.

Episode 3. Together with Lenar, he interrogates Meran in the hospital, where he is treated under the supervision of Volta. He then returns to the hotel, checks Veya and himself for the disease.