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Lenar - police Chief of Famas (1907-...). One of the most influential and wealthy residents of the city, businessman.


Lenar was born south of the state alliance in a tribe of nomadic demons that made their living bartering goods and providing travelling entertainment. All the members of Lenar's tribe knew their five-century-long history; their ancestors arrived in the land from overseas and passed it on by word of mouth. Also passed down from generation to generation were several stones of ancient ethereum; the ethereum was weakened and jagged but still capable of small miracles. A prized possession amongst the nomadic tribe, divided between enchanters and protectors. Those lucky enough to witness the nomadic tribes' entertainment were shocked and awed by the abilities of the "magicians" as they performed. They grew intoxicating plants using the magic of ethereum, evoked mysterious images with the help of smoke and steam and predicted the future for those wanting. Lenar's family did not have ethereum of their own and, by default, had to protect those who had it. As a young protector, he was not taught how to read; but how to fight, be agile and attentive. Lenar's childhood was a constant road of worn-out shoes, fights with thieves, and a reverence for the mysterious stones. When he was about 10, it became clear to the tribe that the ancient ethereum they possessed to perform shows and earn their living was losing popularity. The city of Famas appeared in the North and brought a new and robust ethereum. Everyone who wanted to feel the full force of its miracles left for the big city. The aspiration for something new caused a split in the nomadic tribe; some continued in the old traditions, while others, like Lenar's parents, left for Famas to pursue a life of opportunity in the bustling city. The arriving demons hoped that it would be easy for them to find work due to their faith, traditions and experience with the ancient mineral. But it became clear very soon that their expectations were false, and demons would not get ethereum. Instead, in Famas, most of the members of the Nomadic tribe that arrived there would work in the mines, and the magic that ethereum possessed was only available for the rich that could afford it. Lenar spent most of his time exploring the city as a young child, and as he grew of working age, he found work in the mines with the others in his tribe. Lenar's upbringing taught the demon how to survive and seize opportunities; he saved enough ethereum dust to consume and harness its magical abilities by the age of twenty. In pursuit of a better life, he found a job as a bouncer in a low-city brothel. One of the courtesans at the brothel Lenar befriended taught him to write and read. Lenar's strong fists and cunning abilities led him to become a member of one of the local gangs. Eventually, the gang and its leader was raided by Samon and his enforcers, most of the members were killed, but Samon took a particular interest in the Lenar. After learning the backstory of the young demon, Samon gave him a choice: study and work for him or go to jail. Lenar saw the opportunity and chose to accept Samon's offer. Several years of fast courses with private teachers, then - the Military department where he sometimes paid for the grades, and, finally, police work where he made a rapid career. In 1907, during the civil war in Famas, Samon appointed Lenar Chief of the city police because his predecessor had been killed by conspirators.


Episode 1. Together with Emor, he is present in Samon's study when Arn, Flavian and Veya come there. Participates in the discussion of the case. Goes with Flavian to the hospital that exploded. Orders around there.

Episode 2. Present, when Meran is taken to the hospital, he goes there with Flavian.

Episode 3. At hospital, together with Flavian, interrogates Meran, in the presence of Volta.