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Nika - daughter of detectives Flavian and Veya. Assists her parents in easy detective cases; schoolgirl.


Episode 1. Together with her parents, Flavian and Veya, she comes to Famas and, accompanied by Arn, checks in the Celestial Hotel. She goes down to breakfast, but returns to the room, seeing that Arn is sick. In the room she listens to what is said in the hotel and detects spies.

Episode 2. Together with her parents she goes to the Samon Jr’s birthday party. She meets Alvin, they walk around the estate. They join in the greenhouse Daphne, Mina, Ayan, Brown and Alexander. They party. She returns to the hotel with her parents and sees Meran falling ill.

Episode 3. She is asleep when Veya peeks into her room.