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Samon - founder of Famas (1875), its first mayor (1875-1918). Has resumed ethereum mining for the first time in five centuries.


Samon is one of the most famous orcs in history, was born on the 27th of October 1849 (76 y.o) in a small town West of the Alliance. His parents, a librarian and a gardener who worked humbly in the estate of a wealthy Elf named Oscar engaged in logging, alcohol, and drug smuggling. Samon was an inquisitive child since birth, and from a young age, he learned to deal with enemies with his fists. His fighting spirit helped him get a job in the security of the estate when he was only 16. Later he became a guardian at Oscar’s private parties — and there, he saw the ancient Ethereum for the first time. Ethereum, at the time, was used to enhance the narcotic properties of some plants, while Oscars captured elf kept an eye on this process. As soon as Oscar died, Samon and his friends abducted the Elf and Ethereum from the estate, setting off a long journey to learn more about the strange mineral. Some years later, they stumbled on the grounds where the ancient city Ethereum once laid and built the first mine there. The campaign was successful, and Famas was founded on that sacred place.


Episode 1. In his study in the estate, together with Emor and Lenar, he tells Flavian and Veya about the case, wants to hire them to solve it.

Episode 2. At Samon Jr’s birthday party, he watches the show with him, Alvin, Veya, Flavian and Nika. Then in his study he discusses with Flavian and Veya additional conditions of the case.