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Veya - private female detective, working in a pair with her husband Flavian. Has an extraordinary memory.


Veya the troll was born on the 10th of March 1888 (37 y.o) in Saniego, one of the largest states in the West of the Alliance. She is the eldest daughter in her family with two younger brothers; her father is a professor of history at the local Academy, and her mother is an artist. Both parents are heirs of wealthy families. Since childhood, the troll was gifted with a sharp memory and successfully imitated her parents' love of art and history. With both intelligence and money, the "golden" girl had a promising future. Aspiring to live independently of her parents' wealth and against their will, she left home to study in Famas. In her freshman year, she was engaged to the son of a local banker, Aaron Faik. But two years later, in 1908, unexpectedly and undesirably for Aaron and Veya's family, she broke off the engagement a month before the wedding. The reason for such actions was her acquaintance with Flavian, the Major's weasel. Nasty rumors surrounded Flavian, but Veya ignored them. That same year she chose to drop out of school, leaving Famas to get married in a village in the mountains, where she inherited a small house from her grandmother. As a wedding gift from the Major, the couple received ethereum, implanted in the back of Veya's neck- significantly boosting her ability to remember. In 1910, Veya gave birth to a daughter - Nika. Despite the idea that Flavian could not leave the only occupation he knew, Veya decided the couple should take up private detective work, which they began three months after the birth of their daughter, leaving their first family home.


Episode 1. At the invitation of the former mayor of Famas Samon, she arrives in the city with her husband Flavian and daughter Nika. Accompanied by Arn, they stay at the Celestial Hotel. Then she and her husband take part in a meeting at the Samon's estate, where they discuss the case. In a cafe with Flavian they decide to take the case.

Episode 2. Together with Flavian and Nika she goes to the Samon Jr’s birthday party. She watches a show in the estate, then discusses the orc's case with Samon and Flavian in his study. After the party she goes to the hotel with her family. She finds out that waiter Meran fell ill with a mysterious disease there.

Episode 3. She is in bed when Flavian returns to the hotel. During the day she goes to the lab at the University, arranges it and begins research.